It was Isaac Newton who said, “If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulder of giants.”

The above quote by one of the finest and most accomplished scientist of all time – brilliantly captures the essence of mentoring.

In life and especially in the complex, roller coaster world of online business, you need someone ‘who’s been there and done that’ to help you navigate your way to success in less time and with fewer hassle.

Particularly, because online entrepreneurs are self-motivated, independent and often work from home – there’s little opportunity for engagement with someone more experienced who could guide them and help channel all of their resources in the right direction.

You may have a great idea capable of changing the world, but without some guidance and proper support, you could end up going around in circles, wasting a lot of time and money learning from costly mistakes – when you could be right on target with a good mentor.

Sadly, millions of people have been separated from their dreams and have had to return to the status quo, all because of a crucial, missing piece in the success equation – mentorship.

So, why should you have a mentor?

A mentor can provide the right kind of information and knowledge

As an illustration to drive home this point; imagine that you’re going for a business meeting where you need to arrive in a classy, chauffeur driven ride. As someone inexperienced, you may overwhelm yourself with the thought of actually buying a car and employing a driver – when a mentor could recommend riding an UBER.

With a mentor on your side, you’re able to leverage their knowledge base, get things done faster and smarter – and that’s standing on the shoulder of giants!

A mentor can often see what you can’t:

Assume you’re a very gifted football player, active on the field of play: No matter how talented you’re, you still need a coach (who is removed from all the action or pressure going on around you) that can guide you using his ‘eagle-eyed’ vision, on what strategy to implement per time to achieve your aim.

In a nutshell, mentors make up for your ‘blind spots,’ making you appear infallible.

A mentor can act as an accountability partner:

How many times have you tried on your own to wake up by 4:30am and jog a few miles daily in order to achieve a specific weight loss milestone? For some, the answer is “Never!”

The truth is goals are easy to set but difficult to follow through and achieve. But with a mentor who keeps a close tab on your activities, who you have to report to from time to time, you’re much more persuaded to achieve it irrespective of any contrary emotion.

A mentor can be your sounding board:   

Some ideas can come on you heavy and so spot-on that you’re compelled to act on it quickly. But if you bounce this same idea off an experienced mentor, he/she may be able to spot a major loophole that could defeat the whole idea, put you in a lot of mess and set you a few years backwards.

On the flip side, you may have been ‘dragging your feet’ on a great idea just because you don’t have ‘all of the resources put together.” However, a mentor can suggest striking a deal with someone who has the resources you seek or can give you the needed push to ‘test the waters’ with the resources currently at your disposal.

A mentor can act as a valuable connector:

Sometimes, all that stands between you and achieving outstanding success in your career is   not so much money or advice as gaining access to the right contact in your mentor’s circle of influence.

A quick email, call or recommendation from your mentor can often make a huge difference on your journey to success.


In conclusion, having a mentor is no sign of weakness or inadequacy; on the contrary, it is proof that you’re smart, teachable and more likely to succeed faster with far less scars!